Description of the Wolfriders

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Description of the Wolfriders

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The Wolfriders are a shy and secretive tribe of forest dwellers who have allied themselves with the wolves of the world of Two Moons. Their story began when the High One, Timmain, the only of the firstcomers to understand the necessities of survival on this new, harsh world, shape-changed herself into a wolf.

She sank very deeply into her wolf-form and eventually forgot her original identity, even mating with a native wolf to produce a half-wolf chimeric son whom she handed over to the Elves after teaching him as much as she could as a wolf. They gave him the name Timmorn Yellow-Eyes and he became the first Chief of the Wolfriders, bringing the wolf pack and the stranded elves together to form a close symbiotic alliance.
Because of his mixed blood, Timmorn was mortal, unlike his progenitors. Timmorn then went on to sire many children, with both wolves and elves; as a result, the entire tribe and their bonded wolf pack can all trace their bloodline back to Timmorn in some way.
Their bond with the wolves made sure that they are truelly connected to the World of Two Moons.
Many think they renew their bloodbond with the wolves, but Timmorn is and will be the only wolf-halfling ever to have lived!

This mingling of wolf and elf blood produces unexpected results- aside from maintaining a feral, wolf-like mentality (known as the Way), the Wolfriders are the only elves who can, eventually, die of old age.
In addition to the close bonds with their wolves, the Wolfriders also have some basic psychic powers like telepathy (known as sending), healing and plant manipulation. Because of the hybridization, their wolves also possess powers of telepathy, allowing Wolfriders to 'send' with their wolves.

They are mostly nocturnal, but enjoy the daylight almost just as much. They hunt and howl like the wolves, eating mostly raw meat, but a roasted piece of meat they won't pass.

Through successive generations, the Wolfriders migrated and suffered at the hands of aggressive humans. Splitting up in several small tribes to seek refuge in cool forests or where ever they felt safe from harm by humans.


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