Early History of the Wavedancers

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Early History of the Wavedancers

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After the Palace crashed on the World of Two Moons the High Ones were chased out of their Home by savage humans.
First they all stayed close to the Palace, trying to regain it again from the humans, but it was too dangerous, the humans were too strong and their magic too weak.
Over time they split up in different groups, with different ideas and many tribes of elves formed.

Not all of the stranded children of the Firstcomers fled to the forests, deserts and mountains of Abode!
To some, only the vast, oceans of their new world seemed a true refuge from the ferocity of humanity.

And so the WaveDancers were born. They adapted to life beneath the waves, away from the burning fire and inclement nature of the indigenous humans.
But eventually, the outside world crept in about them, and their secluded community of elves found itself embroiled in the conflicts all too familiar to their land-bound cousins.


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