Description of the Plainelves

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Description of the Plainelves

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After the Palace crashed on the World of Two Moons the High Ones were chased out of their Home by savage humans.
First they all stayed close to the Palace, trying to regain it again from the humans, but it was too dangerous, the humans were too strong and their magic too weak.
Over time they split up in different groups, with different ideas and many tribes of elves formed.

The plains elves are descendants of Wolfriders and 'pure' elves. Originally, most of them were wolfblooded. But the amount of wolf blood was small in each elf, and as time passed, it became less and less common to have wolf friends. Eventually, a majority of the plains elves decided to give up their wolfblood in exchange of a chance to live longer, and healers were eager to oblige this request. It is unknown if any wolf-blooded plains elves still exist.

The plains elves were nomadic and travelled in small family groups, following the seasonal movements of animal herds. Occasionally these groups would meet for trading and sharing, and elves might leave one group and join another due to Recognition, falling in love, or simply because they were bored with the group they were with. Groups might merge into each other, or be split if there was an argument or the food supply was scarce. No chiefs or leaders were needed, but the advice of the oldest tribemates was respected - usually.

The Plainelves are still nomadic. But these days, they travel three seasons a year after the great goatlike animals, they use huts which can be set up and taken a part easily.They don't tend to the animals, only follow them to hunt them when needed. They use bolas and short spears, which they can throw with great force.
At close range they use small swords or knife-like weapons.

Some of these elves have bonded with jackals, but that is very rare. Though after bonding together the jackal will defend his elffriend with his life if needed!

To increase their survival the Plainelves travel in small groups, but they always come together in the 'ColdWhite' (winter).
During the 'Newleaf' (Spring) and the 'HighSun' (Summer) they live outside, without their huts, as much as possible so they can look at the stars as much as they want. Because, although the memory of their ancestors' travels among the stars has faded, they still wish to learn as much about the stars as possible!
In the 'Leaffall' (Fall) the Plainelves start to gather and plan huntingparties together to hunt the goatlike animals they had followed all year. Also they garher as much other food as possible, like nuts, grain and herbs.
They stay together as long as the ColdWhite lasts. They tie their huts together to create a large hut. It contains a central space for the different families to meet each other, but when they need privacy they can seclude themselves to their own huts!
And, eventhough they think of themselves as a large tribe, they prefer to be in small groups when Newleaf starts again.

Unlike Wolfriders, Plainelves use fire for cooking their meals.
They have found a stone which helps them create fire, although they will eat raw meat when they aren't able to make a fire.

Humans are no threat to them and usually they avoid each other. At one time humans sought refuge in their camp in a blizzard. They were welcome to stay untill the blizzard was over and even were given food for save journey.
Unfortunatly some have been captured by humans and even killed, but that was a long time ago.

During hot weather the elves wear nothing other then undergarment, women wear a small top and a small skirt, loincloth or short pants. The men usually wear only a loincloth. When the weather is getting colder again, they start to wear clothes lined with fur, hars and warm boots.

When they are together in the WhiteCold a coucil of the elders is formed to keep things peacefull. This position is at own free will. It could bevthat one year the council consists of 4 members, but the next of 10 members. When they split up again, they usually follow the strongest of their group.


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