Early History of the Plainelfes

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Early History of the Plainelfes

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The place known as Crossing Paths has long been known to the Plains Elves. It is a good place for fishing and hunting, often visited by the southernmost groups. It gained a special meaning when two plains youngsters, Stonetouch (now known as Stonescroll) and Grassroot left their kin to go find the Palace of the High Ones. Grassroot's magic feeling led them to Crossing Paths, where they found traces of the Palace's magic. They decided to stay there and learn all they could. Others of their kin soon joined them there, forming a small community. When Stonetouch became Stonescroll and began to follow his vision to open the mysteries of life, the place became special to the plains elves. Many travel there just to look at the visions of the Stone Scroll. There are always some plains elves dwelling there, who make sure Stonescroll and Grassroot have food and whatever they need. Because of the restless nature of the plains elves, most do not stay there very long, and all still feel they are nomads at heart.


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