Early History of the Catriders

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Early History of the Catriders

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After the Palace crashed on the World of Two Moons the High Ones were chased out of their Home by savage humans.
First they all stayed close to the Palace, trying to regain it again from the humans, but it was too dangerous, the humans were too strong and their magic too weak.
Over time they split up in different groups, with different ideas and many tribes of elves formed.

This one group of High Ones wandered the world for a long time, sometimes they would meet others, then leave again to find a safe place. A place far away from the humans and other dangers.
They settled in a large forest, creating new dwellings with the help of those with rockshapingmagic. Some of them dreamed of living in the Palace again, but they knew it was too dangerous to reclaim it, so a plan was made to create a new Palace in a mountain nearby. They would be safe from harm then!
But not all agreed. Some wanted to travel as far away from the humans as possible, so the small group split up, one group would later become known as the Gliders, while the others travelled further up north!

Oddly these elves who weren't prepared to live on this world found refuge in the high mountains in the north. Again they needed the help of the Rockshapers who a ring of mountains to keep them from sight. Finakly they would be safe! They thought that the humans would not risk the cold climate and blinding storms to follow them.

Anywhere around 600 - 800 years they discovered Wanders. Their group grew and they started to call themselves Spotted Paws Pride. They bonded with the great Snow Leopards which live high in the mountains. Some even bonded with Longtooth Cats. (They do not share blood together, like Wolfriders with their wolves!!) The elves learned to hunt from the Leopards, making sure they adapted even more to their life in the mountains.

The Pride lived for a long time secluded from the world, not knowing if others had survived and eventually thinking they were the only ones left. Even the memory of humans dimmed, but to keep the Pride alert, legends were told about the slaughtering of the High Ones and their 'Mountainhome'.

This high in the mountains the elves lived in the freezing cold for most of the year, hunting Tall Deer, Bears and Mountain Goats. Only small groups of three were allowed to go on huntingparties, but wily-elf-cubs would venture out on suprising clear winterdays, when the sky would be partly clouded and the sun's glow could melt a thin layer of snow.

One day cubs felt a calling. They didn't understand it, but it pulled at them that they needed to search for the source of this strange feeling.....

(How they came to Crossing Path Holt is yet to be determind!)


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