How to adopt a character.

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How to adopt a character.

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 07, 2015 4:25 pm

When you see a character who could be close to your heart, you can post a comment under the CIS, stating you wish to adopt him/ her. After a go ahead from the admin or one of the moderators you can slightly alter the character.
When changes are needed, you copy/ paste the CIS beneath the original CIS and write the changes in a different color. If you have questions you can always pm the admin or the moderator in charge of the tribe!

Some things you can not change!
- the name
- the appereance, except for the clothing
- the known family

After you think the character is to your liking, you can copy/ paste the CIS in the 'Characters pending for approval'-section!
Then you need to wait till the character is approved and moved by the admin so you can actively RP with it. If not yet approved you can not RP with the character!


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