Tempest, a Sea-elf

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Tempest, a Sea-elf

Post by Gerlin on Wed Oct 07, 2015 12:25 pm

Player's name:

Name: Tempest
Soulname: Jist
Soulname known by: herself
Gender: female
Genetic background: Wavedancer, pureblood

Description of appearance
Eyes: dark grey, her eyes turn black when she is angry
Hair: black hair, she wears it in a loose mohawk
Skin: pale
Height and body type: 4”, athletic and sturdy, she doesn’t look very feminine
Tattoos, scars, other distinguishing marks: webs/fins between her fingers and toes; ears are fin-shaped like most sea elves’ ears

Clothes worn and/or colors favored: Warm Seasons: on land: sandals; sleeveless grey dress with high sidesplits, it reaches just below the knees; at the sea: bare feet, short asymmetric top, short skirt/pants; White-Cold: tight black pants, high furlined boots, wool poncho over a shirt, long gloves that leave her fingers free; Colours favoured: black and grey
Weapons: fishing spear; dagger (both the tip of the spear and the dagger are made of magically hardened coral)
Special possessions:
Can your elf send?: yes
Magic: sending, coral shaping (?)

Role in tribe: guard, warrior, hunter
Abilities: making weapons and other useful items from coral and shells
Skills: hunting (sea)

Family relations
Live/lovemate(s): open
Children: open
Parents: Shoal (father, deceased); Hightide (mother deceased)
Siblings: open
Friends: open

Knowledge/Opinion of:
Other Elves:
Other Information:

History: (the story of your elf's life. Put in as many details as you can think of!)


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