Members to each Tribe

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Members to each Tribe

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 13, 2016 10:00 pm

Here you can see how many members each tribe has so far.
I will try to update this after each new approved character.
(Last updated jan 13th 2016)

The Bearriders
Peacekeeper (m)
WildStar (f)

The Catriders
Catling (m)
Maked (m)
Soren (m)

The Loners and Wanderers
Frost (f)
Ixoto (m)
Marden (m)
NightSky (m)
Sharp Stone (f)
Shylight (f)
Sirmic (m)
Siwan (f)

The Plainelves
Grassroot (f)
Palana (f)
Stonescroll (m)

The Wavedancers
Asheviire (m)
Coraldar (m)
SandStunner (f)

The Wolfriders
Bratak (m)
Fox (f)
Greensong (f)
ShineBright (f)
Stillwater (f)


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