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A little side RP Siwan and I are playing. It takes place in the past, so we decided to put it here.

It had been a rough couple of days, but in her many turns ShineBright was used to have good and bad times. The latest hunt had failed miserably, but she still had some dried meat from a previous, succesfull one.

As she chewed on a piece, her mind wandered off to better times. The time her parents still lived. The time she was never alone.
It had been a long time since she had seen one of her own kind, humans she had met plentyfull, sometimes it went well, but mostly they had called her "demon". Still she didn't hated them, she pitied them for being so narrow-minded.
It would be nice to see a face, preferably a friendly one....
She entered a forest. This would be a good place to set camp for a while! She dropped her heavy backpack and took only a small travelbag with her and walked deeper into the forest.

Deeper in the same forest another elfess ran as quick as she could. She had been spotted by a human of the old mindset, the ones that thought that the elves were truly “demons”.
She took halt by a large tree and leaned against it to catch her breath and wipe her forehead.

She looked up at the tree she stood by, hoping to see a low branch. ‘That would’ve made things much easier..’ She thought to herself.
She gasped when she heard a twig break behind her. She turned around and raised her hands as only defense. <”Please.. Y-you do not have to..”>

<”I must! For Gotara!”> He readied his spear and tilted his body back, preparing himself to throw it.

ShineBright's pace was light, only people with the hearing like an animal would have known she was in the forest, past experiences had taught her to be carefull whenever she was in a new area.
She looked around and for the first time in a long time a forest felt like.... like home! She was suddenly remembered of a time filled with sweet memories of her Sire and Mother. She had to stop and sit as her head filled itself with images of the past. **Mother! Father! How I wish you were here!**
She knew her sending wouldn't be heard, but she didn't care!

She breathed deep in and slowly exhailed, time to move on!

“Argh..” Siwan slid down the tree to the ground with a spear stuck in her lower belly. She gritted her teeth and opened her eyes to find the human stepping closer to her. **NO!!** She sent into his mind full of pain, full of hatred.

The human instantly fell to the ground, his hands grasping onto his hair. <“Argghh!”> He screamed as Siwan’s voice echoed in is mind. He got up and backed away slowly. <”I hope you die slowly demon.”>

Tears touched Siwan’s eyes as she watched him run back to his tribe. Her hands shivered as she put them around the spear. She tried pulling the spear out of her, but her body was weak. Her eyes grew heavy, as did her limbs. Her only chance was sending, but it was as weak as the rest of her body.

*H-help me.. P-please..* She grasped onto the treebranch right beside her and dug her nails into the bark.

ShineBright saw a small creek "Perfect! Finally some fresh water!" With her two hands she scooped out some water and drank it. She took out her jug and filled it, drank some more and looked around again. She would truelly enjoy staying here for a while!

*.. P-please..*
A sending, an open sending! It was faint, but she had felt it!
'....Could it be?' No, that was silly, her parents were long dead....
But that must meant...... Other Elves!!! Ofcourse! A forest like this! And no elves, how could she think they wouldn't be here. Her kind always loved the coolness of the forest!

Quietly she stood there, listening, smelling, feeling if she could pinpoint where the sending came from.
*Where are you? Are you.... are you willing to meet me?* Her powerfull sending send a tremor through the forest only elves would feel.

Will she be given an answer?

Siwan gasped when she heard the sending. *I.. I am by the open field.. a large tr-tree..*
It was the only discription she could think of. She was fighting to keep her eyes open, she felt herself slipping back, but she wasn’t going down without a fight.

She had no idea who she was sending with, but it was an elf, that she knew. The only thing she hoped was that she would reach her on time.

Art by Siwan!


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Re: Soulsisters

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The next sending was even more faint, no weaker! Something was wrong! ShineBright concentrated on the sending and let it guide her.
*I am coming!*

An open field....
She started running, holding her jug and bag close to her, she feared she had to use what was in it!
In her mind she already started to think on what she might be needing, in the sending she felt pain, so she would have to make White-bark-tea.

She was no longer carefull, some one needed her help, she jumped over fallen branches and low bushes, untill she reached an open field. Was this the right place?
With her hand on her knife she entered it. Maybe the attackers were still here......

ShineBright saw no one, was she tricked? No, in sending there was only truth! She started searching for the one who sended.
A foot! Quickly she walked over, but stopped halfway by what she saw!
A humanspear was stabbed into an elf, the color of her skin promised nothing good.
'I hope I am not too late!' She thought.

Siwan’s eyes slowly opened as she sensed a presence by her. She was able to glance at the elfess before her eyes closed again. “J-Joyleaf?” She muttered as her grip on the treebark loosened.

Siwan frowned and leaned her head back against the tree. She felt that her body was ready to give up, her eyes had grown too heavy for her to try open them.

"Joyleaf? No, I am afraid not."
ShineBright quickly took of her bag, inside of it were herbs and she needed to find the powder of the Whitebarktree. It would give this woman some relief, or at least it would bring her to sleep so she could take out the spear without resistance.....
She felt and smelled on a few little bags and finally found the right one. It would have been better if she had hot water, but there was no time to make a fire.
She weight a little of the white powder on her hands and looked at the woman again. She would need more! Just a pinch.
She did the powder in a small cup and added water to it.
*Here, drink this! It will help with the pain!*
She put the cup at her mouth and encouraged her to drink it. *It will taste a little bitter, I had no time to heat it, but it will work just the same!*

Siwan tried raising her hand to hold the cup, but her efforts were useless. She opened her mout a bit and let the water pour into her mouth, swallowing it down until she had taken it all in. The bitterness made hr frown and grit her teeth.

*Thank you..* Siwan’s sending was soft and weak. Soon she felt her pain subside, her body felt lighter and before she knew it she had fallen asleep.

Slowly the unknown woman fell into a deep sleep. ShineBright knew she wouldn't be awake for a while. Long enough for her to see what had happend and what she could do!

It didn't look good. ShineBright touched the body around the spear..... no vital organs were hit, but much damage was done to her flesh!
The extract wouldn't keep her a sleep when it was pulled out of her....
First she needed to make a pulp out of whistleweed!
It was a good thing she had seen it at the edge of the field, near some water. And she needed bandages. She looked at her cape. "That will work! I can always make a new one!"

It didn't take her long to have the pulp ready and tear the cape into long bindings. She smeared some pulp on the flesh around the spear and ShineBright prepared herself to pull the spear out.
*I don't know if you can hear me..... but I am gonna try to pull the spear out!*
She grabbed the spear gently and placed her feet along-side of the woman.
With a strong pull she manage to take it out. Waking the woman as she did.

Siwan woke up instantly and screamed of the pain that came as the elfess pulled the spear out of her.
Her hands clamped onto the bark again and tears rolled down her cheeks as she opened her eyes.

"H-high ones.." Siwan hissed as the wound throbbed, she moved her hand towards the wound and tried healing herself, but her body was still weak.

Her eyes found the elfess in front of her and she frowned, seeing the unknown elf. She looked into her eyes and forgot of her wound until it started throbbing more. She shut her eyes tightly and hissed as she gritted her teeth.

"Easy, easy! Let me check the wound!"
ShineBright had noticed the faint magic of healing, 'So this woman was a healer!? Good, that would increase her changes!'
ShineBright checked the wound and smeared more pulp on it and covered it with whole Wistleweedleafs.
*I need to put the bandages on. So I need to move you a bit Healer, I am sorry if I will cause you more pain!*

Gently she tried to put the bandage on, rolled it around the Healer's body untill the wound was covered!

*Here! Chew on this for a while, it is a small branch of the Whitebarktree, it will help with the pain!*

Siwan nodded in understanding, knowing that it would hurt either way, moving or sitting still.
She let her move her and bit on the inside of her cheek when she put the bandages over it.

When the wound was covered and as the elfess offered her the piece of the branch, she took it and chewed on it slowly.
"I never knew that.." She mumbled softly as she chewed on it. She put her hand up on her forehead and rubbed it slightly. "Thank you.." Siwan said as she looked at her.


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Re: Soulsisters

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 07, 2015 11:14 pm

ShineBright looked at the woman and wondered what had happened and if she was alone, but that were questions for later.
"I need to check the bandages a little and I will make a comfortable place for you to lay down! You will need to heal yourself once you have gained your strength again."

She looked around and decided that where the woman was just needed to be cleared of some branches. Maybe add a little moss for comfort.
ShineBright sat down and placed her hands on the ground, immidiatly the branches changed shape and were covered with moss. She was proud to be a Treeshaper, but didn't had many use for it other then to create a new hidingplace now and then....

Siwan watched the elfess for a moment, she leaned into the tree once more and sighed softly, trying to make it a bit more comfortable for the time being.
She watched her place her hands to the ground and saw it change.

She closed her eyes, thinking that she was lucky that the elfess had found her. If she didn't she would've been dead already.
And she had to remind herself of that.

Siwan had met a few humans that were kind, she had hoped that more would be as kind as them, but this one wasn't.

'Next time I'll be more careful.' She thought to herself.

Secretly ShineBright watched the wounded woman, who was she, where did she live? Were there more elfes around? There must be, she had called her... Joyleaf...

"Can I ask you what had happened?" She asked looking at the strange spear. "And......," she wanted to ask more, but didn't know how to ask....

Siwan opened her eyes and look at the elfess, her gaze found the spear as well. "A human.." She touched her forehead as she thought of how happened. "I was fishing in the stream when I saw him.." She spoke softly.

"He did not notice me at first, so I remained quiet. But when he did notice he came right at me, with his spear prepared to throw at me.. but I ran.. As quick as I could.." Siwan frowned as she thought of the tiring chase.

"He was one of the old mindset.." Tears touched her eyes and she bit her inner cheeks. "If you hadn't come I.. I'd be.."

She lowered her gaze and shook her head, trying not to think of what could have been.

Strange creatures they were. She had met them many times, most were scared and suspiscious about how she looked.
"I... I remember humans, some worship us, some hate us, but always do they fear us...." she shook her head a little to ban the memories.
"I am glad I was here. It has been a very long time since I have met other elfes. I am ShineBright."
She rambled, she knew, but she was happy to see another elf, even if it was under these circumstances..

Siwan smiled as she looked and listened to ShineBright. "My name is Siwan.." She said as she pushed herself up a bit to greet her, forgetting her injury for a moment. "Ahh." She gritted her teeth and growled lowly at herself.

"Carefull, your wound is fresh and you need to get your strength back to be able to heal yourself! I could make you a broth to help you gain it? It is made out of several herbs, but I am afraid it doesn't taste good, though it will help you!"
SheineBright thought of the herbs she needed, they were all in her bag, so she wouldn't have to search for them. All she had to do was make a small fire to heat her stones.

"If I made a fire... would the human return?"

Siwan chuckled faintly and bolded her hand. "I realize that now.." She shook her head slowly.
"It will be dark soon.." She spoke and looked at her.

"They'd return.." She was certain of it. "I think it is best if we just get moving.." She looked at ShineBright, a hint of fear in her gaze.

ShineBright nodded. Humans were unpredictable, but they always seemed to follow a certain path.
"I don't think you can walk yet... the wound is too severe. I could try to make something for you to lay on."
She looked around, but couldn't find much to work with. She had used her cape for bandages....
Maybe she could shape a branch for her to lean on. But still it would cause her wound to stay open and bleed more.

"I will have to check on your wound again. How do you feel?"

"I feel the pain of the wound.. but if I use the spear as support, perhaps I could walk.." She looked at the spear and then looked at ShineBright.

"If we can get close to the river, we could rest.. my holt is half.." She looked at her wound. "No.. A day of travel.." She rambled a bit.


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Re: Soulsisters

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A day's travel...
That would be too long, but they couldn't stay here either. "Where is the river? I passed a small creek before I... I heard your call. Is it in the same direction?"

ShineBright was thinking, she needed to pick up her other bag, if they weren't able to reach her home.
"Hmmm... the wound stopped bleeding a little, my pulp is working. I will add some and thighten the bandage some more if you want to try and walk....."

Siwan touched her temple as she sent images to ShineBright, showing her the way towards the river.
*It isn't far.. but the humans will have a hard time reaching it. The stream is over there.. I think.* She pointed in ShineBright's direction and looked at her.

She then thought of something."..if.. if we get by the river I might be able to reach my sister through sending in the morning.

ShineBright nodded. It was a good plan.
The images Siwan sent were clear and she thought it would take untill the moons were high to reach the river.

She could leave her there, relativly safe for the humans if she shaped a good shelter. Then she would pick up her bag.
"If you want to try we can go now, but you must warn me if the wound starts to bleed more!"

"I will.." Siwan nodded and pushed herself up slowly, using the bit of strength she had in her arms to sit up a bit straighter, making it easier to get up and ShineBright to look at her wound.

"Shall I get up for you to check my wound or is it better to sit while you do so?" Siwan asked as she looked at ShineBright.

"Let me first make something for you to lean on, besides me." ShineBright smiled a bit. She looked at the humanspear and an idea came to mind.
"I can use the spear to shape it so it fits under your arm. It will be hard, because it is old wood, but what way to use the very thing that wounded you, eh?"

Slowly she reshaped the spear, pearls of sweat appeared on her forehead, the end changed to fit an armpit, she softend it a bit because she would have to walk half the night....
"There! I hope the length is right, but I can change that as soon as you stand up."

She looked at Siwan. "I think it stopped bleeding, thanks to the pulp, but I will need to check once you are up at your feet... maybe first you should eat a little. I have some dried meat in my bag?"

"It looks about right.." she said as she looked at the spear that ShineBright had reshaped. She smiled as she looked towards her and shook her head.

"I am not really hungry, but do you happen to have some water?"

"Yes ofcourse. I am glad I filled my jug with fresh water just before I felt your sending! But I still urge you to try and eat a little. It is dried deermeat, very tasty! It will help!"
ShineBright handed Siwan her jug and a piece of dried meat, encouraging her to eat it.

Siwan smiled faintly and nodded. "I will try." Siwan said and she tore a piece of the dried meat. She munched on it for a while before drinking from the jug.

She put the remaining piece of meat in her mouth and munched on it as she closed the jug and handed it back to ShineBright.
"Thanks." She smiled as she looked up at her. "Tasty indeed."

"Yes... would it suprise you that I learned to dry the meat from humans, who live by the vast deep water? It is many turns of the seasons walking from here. I have lived there for a long time, untill it was time to move on...." ShineBright stopped talking, it had been a long time since she thought of the kind humans there.

"Ok, if you are up to it we could first try to get you standing?"

Siwan smiled gently as she looked at ShineBright. "They can be sweet, I know.. But it seems I keep getting reminded that not all are good." She spoke softly and shook her head.

She took a deep breath and placed her hands on the roots of the tree.

"I think I am.." She said as she tried pushing herself up on her right foot. She gritted her teeth as she tried to do so, but failed to lift herself.

"c-Could you help me up?" She asked as she looked at ShineBright.


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Re: Soulsisters

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"Ofcourse! Here, place this under your left arm." ShineBright placed the reshaped spear under Siwan's armpit and walked to her right side.
"Make sure the spear can't slide away! Hmmm.... put it against that rock. Don't lean on your left leg and keep it straight. Can you bend your right leg? If you can I will support your right and push you up."
ShineBright lifted Siwan's right arm and placed it on her shoulders. "I will support you!"

"Thanks." Siwan smiled as ShineBright lifted her arm and put it over her shoulder. She held onto the reshaped spear and nodded, trying to get familiar with it before standing up on her right leg.

She grasped onto ShineBright's shoulder and slowly pushed herself up. She used the reshaped spear as a support, putting it against the rock as she still held onto ShineBright's shoulder.

She leaned on the reshaped spear, ready to take another step with her right foot, trying not to bend her left leg, but she did by accident and she leaned into ShineBright.
She gritted her teeth and shut her eyes tightly as she bit through the pain.

ShineBright felt Siwan leaning against her suddenly. She had been prepared. "Carefull, I got you! Where does it hurt? Your leg or your wound?" If it was her leg more damage was done by the spear then she thought.

Softly she helped Siwan stand on her right leg. "Is the support the right size? Maybe... yes.. I will add something to put your hand on so you can push yourself up. I will hold you untill you are comfortlable walking on your own!"

She looked at her newfound companion, ShineBright noticed she was taller, but only by the size of a head. Somehow she felt related to her, but why......

She looked into her eyes, maybe there would be an answer....

"M-my leg.." Siwan mumbled. "It feels numb.." She looked down to her leg for a moment and bit her lower lip. "Perhaps it is because I have been sitting like that for a while.." She spoke softly.

"I think it is.." She nodded and listened to ShineBright. "Sounds good.. thank you.."

She turned her head a bit to look at ShineBright and found her looking at her. She tilted her head for a moment, frowning slightly as she looked back into ShineBright's eyes.

Her eyes widened slightly as an unfamiliar name came to mind. '..Ura..'

ShineBright was shocked... "Dula?" She softly whispered, but she couldn't help herself. Once she had spoken it, she knew it was Siwan's soulname. But why...

What just happened? It couldn't be Recognition, could it? She had never heard of Recognition between two of the same sexe.

ShineBright was stunned. "I never knew this could happen.... what ever it is that happened... Did...did you..." She dared not to ask. Did Siwan recieved her soulname too or was it just hers?

"High ones.." Siwan's jaw dropped when ShineBright whispered her soulname. She instantly knew that the name she heard was ShineBright's soulname.

"Yes.." She spoke gently and smiled. "Soul meets soul when eyes meet eyes.." She leaned on the spear so she could place her right hand upon ShineBright's cheek. "Ura.. My sweet sister.." She looked into her eyes and smiled brightly.


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Re: Soulsisters

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".....Sis....sister?" ShineBright reached for Siwan's hand on her cheek. It had been so long since she had family, could it be that she finally found a family again? Tears welled up in her eyes.

In her heart she knew it was true, somehow their souls recognized each other as their other half, not to create a new life, but to create a bond deeper then blood...

**Yes, you are my sister. I am not alone anymore, never again. Even after death I will still have you!** She locksent to Siwan and with the words came her feelings, her thoughts, confusion was one of them, but the feeling of happiness was so much bigger. And the only way to let her know this was by sending!

Tears touched Siwan's eyes as well as she stroked ShineBright's cheek. She smiled before pulling ShineBright into an embrace.

Words did not come to her, Siwan smiled as she pecked a soft kiss upon ShineBright's cheek and looked at her.
**..** She looked at her, sharing her feelings with her, her happiness of having found a new sister, but also shared the pain of her wound, even though she did not mean to do so.

**I am sorry! You are in pain and I forgot in the moment!! Please sit!**
ShineBright felt ashamed...
“Let me look at the wound once more!”

“I-it’s alright..” Siwan placed her hand upon her wound and smiled faintly. She healed herself slightly and shook her head.

“It is fine, I promise sister..” Siwan smiled and giggled a bit after hearing herself say the word ‘sister’. “But perhaps we should on.. in case the humans decide to return..” She spoke out of fear now, she felt the urge to look over her shoulder but didn’t do so.

“Yes, let’s go! Which way must we go? To your holt?” Humans tend to hold grudges and return with bigger numbers…

“How is your wound? I saw you healing it a little…” ShineBright hope her healingpowers were returning to full strength a little.

“That way..” Siwan spoke as she looked towards the right. “We have to go in that direction for some time..”

“It is getting there..” Siwan said as she looked down at her wound. “I am still drained from my travels.. Hopefully by morning I will be able to heal myself completely.”  She smiled warmly at ShineBright.

“How long will the journey be?” ShineBright thought it would be days before they reached Siwan’s home. And she still needed to get her other belongings…. For now that wasn’t important. They were safely put away.

“Shall we go then? We can go your pase and stop when needed!” She stood next to her and wrapped her arm around her middle so she could lean on her.

“We will be by the river before sundown.” Siwan spoke softly and nodded.

“Yes let us go.” Siwan smiled as ShineBright wrapped her arms around her waist. “Thank you.” She said as she walked slowly, supporting on ShineBright as she started their walk towards the river.


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Re: Soulsisters

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They devolped a steady pase and reached the river sooner then expected. ShineBright was deep in her own thoughts as to what had happend. Her life had changed forever, in one moment, after being alone for many, many turns of the seasons she would never be alone anymore, not even after death!

She looked at Siwan, who was slightly shorter then her and smiled. What a strange day this turned out to be!

Siwan bit her lower lip as she dropped the reshaped spear and clutched her hand over her wound.  

She healed herself a bit as she leaned against ShineBright as she did so. She turned her head and looked up at her newfound sister.
“C-could you help me over to that tree?” Siwan nudged her bose to the tree she meant.

“Yes! Ofcourse! I should have noticed it sooner…. Wait before you sit!” As they walked towards the tree, ShineBright used her magic to reshape the tree a little and created a seat for Siwan.
“This will be easier for you! Sit and I’ll fetch you some fresh water!”

She filled her waterjugs and drank a little herself. She was worried, eventhough it seemed that Siwan was regaining her healingpowers again, it was obvious that she still was weak.
“How far did you say your Holt was?”

“Thank you.” Siwan smiled as ShineBright shaped the seat and helped her in it. She leaned into the tree and let out a soft sigh, closing her eyes for a moment.

Reopening them when ShineBright returned. “It is not far after we cross that river..”  Siwan looked at the river. “ It is deeper than it appears, but for you it might not be..” She smiled as she looked at ShineBright.

Good! ShineBright was happy to hear it wasn’t too far anymore.

“For now we will rest a little, I don’t think humans have followed us, but you never know. I’ll check the surroundings as you rest!”
She turned and walked into the bushed, making sure that she wasn’t making a sound!
*I will be back soon!*

Siwan smiled and nodded asleaned her head back.
From the moment she had met her she had a good feeling about Shinebright.

She closed her eyes and listened to the water flowing, it calmed her and made her relax a bit more.

ShineBright walked around, she didn’t see any tracks of humans, though she did see some prey. A small bird, black with white dots tried to fled from her sight, but instinct took over and befor she know it she took her slingshot and hit the bird with a pebble.
“You will taste nicely tonight. Thank you for sharing your flesh with me…. us!!”

*SIster! I have caught a bird, are you hungry?*

While resting, Siwan smiled. *Yes, I am..* She sent and laid her arm over her belly.
She rubbed her eyes a bit and sat up after a moment. She took the waterpouch and drank from it.


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Re: Soulsisters

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