Far south of the Crossing Path Holt, where summers are long and winters short (closed!!)!

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Far south of the Crossing Path Holt, where summers are long and winters short (closed!!)!

Post by Palana on Mon Nov 02, 2015 6:47 am

It had been the middle of the night when she left the safety of her tribe. When her family had woken up the next day, she had just been in sendingrange, they had asked her to come back, but she couldn't. She had to make this journey!
Ever since the other tribe, who was now part of hers, arrived and told her about the legends of the Mountain which crashed down from the stars, of the High Ones who were their ancestors and of possible other elves, she had felt the need to search for answers. And now she was on her way.
And besides, she wasn't alone! Kabir was with her! He was a huge Desertlion. She had found him abandoned by his Pride, because it had broken his paw. At that time they had no healer in the tribe, but Sandal, one of the elders, knew how to mend bones and had set it it's paw. He had grown into the largest lion she had ever seen!

It had been several moons already, the plains on which she had grown up slowly turned into a small forest. More and more trees grew here, but there were still clearrings where they could run!
Running beside him she barely could keep up, but as their journey went on, her muscles grew stronger and soon she was only a paces behind.

Now she was at a riverside looking for a way to cross it. *Think there is no other solution then to swim across! But we need to look for a plce where the current isn't too strong....* Palana decided to eat first, Kabir had caught a fresh ravvit this morning and had been willing to share with her. *What will be across this river? I hope we will find other elves soon. We have seen those strange fivefingered ones, it was strange to meet them.* She sent as she chewed on a piece of meat. They had looked like her, but in a way they were very different. They had not harmed her, but they hadn't been friendly either. One look at Kabir, who was just as tall as her and they had closed their huts for her and pretended she wasn't even there.
After a little rest she took of her loincloth and placed it i her backpack, ready to swim across.

The current wasn't too strong, yet it took them a while to cross the river. Once on the other side she found herself on the edge of a land filled with a lott of water. She could see no clear path through it.
"We will camp here for the night! I need to dry my clothes and see if other things got wet..." She knew Kabir never answered her, nor could he sendtalk back to her, but he understood her none the less.
She made camp and a small fire to dry her clothes and warm up again.


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