Memberslist and their Characters

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Memberslist and their Characters

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 25, 2015 2:41 pm

Who plays who here on this Holt? These Characters have been approved and can/ are RPing.
Click on the names to see the CIS!

Members can, as of yet!, have up to 3 characters they rp with!
They can use the adoptables, but only as a sidekick, not as a rpcharacter!

Red is female
Blue is male
Black is still pending for approval!

BlueEyesNightmare - Bratak (M)
Gailbuf - unable to RP atm!
Gerlin - Frost (F), Marden (M), Sirmic (M)
Kindred - none yet
Leanan - Grassroot (F), Greensong (F), Stonescroll (M)
Lyhr - none yet
Palana - Palana (F), Unknown Little Boy (M)
Peacekeeper - Peacekeeper (M)
ShineBright - Coraldar (M), ShineBright (F), WildStar (F)
Shylight - NightSky (M), Shylight (F)
Siwan - Fox (F), Siwan (F), Soren (M)
Strongbow SandStunner - Asheviire (M), Ixoto (M), SandStunner (F)
Waterfall - Stillwater (F)

Characters up to RPing this far: 21
Male: 10
Female: 11

(Last updated: nov 3th 2015)

Fefe - Darkstar (M), (Faunbrook (M), Warmspun (F) (left the forum)


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