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Start a new thread!

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 04, 2015 9:41 pm

In this section we do our Roleplay, but sometimes you need to create an area that isn't there yet, or you want to create a new event.

Here is an example:
You want to visite the main area infront of the "Fathertree", but no one started one yet.
Just create a topic called 'Clearring infront of the FatherTree' and post your first repluy!
Same goes for events.
You want to go hunt, but not alone. Create a topic 'The Hunting Area'
If you want others to join you, just add 'Open to Every one!'
When one RP ends you can post the "End Thread"- banner, as shown below.

But you could create a private event too!
Maybe you talked to some one and you just want a private moment, then you add the names of the one(s) who can join you!

When a topic is open to every one, the thread never closes, but a private topic can close, when your rp has ended, you change the name of the topic from 'name and name' to 'topic closed!!'
This way the thread can still be read by others, but they know the RP has ended!

Please, no comments during the RP or when it has ended, that aren't RP! When you like a story, go to the OOCforum and post there!

When you want to start an 18+ thread, where you describe nudity, role in the furs or likewise, you must warn the readers! Add 'Adult content' or '18+'!
When it is formed later on in the thread, the one who created the thread must edit the first post and add it to the title, if not possible ask the admins or moderators to do so!

Thank you!


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