Guidelines for posting Fanfiction

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Guidelines for posting Fanfiction

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 19, 2015 8:26 pm

We all want to share our great fanfiction. In drawing, writting or otherwise, so here are some "guidelines".

- Post in the thread in this section when you want your own section to post fanfiction. I will add your section to the forum. In that you can create your own topics.

- You can post almost everything. It doesn't have to be related to this Holt. The only thing you need to remind is that you stay respectfull to the members, characters and this Holt.

- We are a 18+ Holt, but still you need to consider some guidelines, because some members might like to be warned when you post an 18+ fanfiction!
    - Create a seperate topic for your 18+ drawings and add a warning to the title. (Example: Drawings; adult content)
    - Do the same if you want to post a story or otherwise in which you describe nudity or sex.

- Most members love to see your take on their characters, but always ask their permission when you do first!
Ask if the others involved want to see the fanfiction first!


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